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I'm Ri of Ri-sekai'd.

I am a writer, an adventurer, an anime fan, a teacher, and a dreamer. I write science-fiction/fantasy light novels. I hope to share my great love of both reality and the worlds of fiction in blog entries too.

Not long ago I was an adventurer who had made it to my ideal isekai of Japan. While I had many adventures I am thankful for, I came to find that more than anything else, I wanted party members with whom to share my passions. I accepted being Re-sekai'd to my ancestral homeland to make time to write and search out comrades. My highest priority now is finding friends who also love writing and anime. I want people to talk to and get excited about the things I love.

It is my goal to return to my isekai and be able to live as a writer as well as have my days filled with connections with others. I may not be skilled at making friends and I may be new to making internet content, but I will do my best! Will you join me on the journey?

I post short videos and articles on things I love. Let's discuss, write, and get excited!

If you want to be friends, leave a comment on social media and tell me about yourself!

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